The GxP Academy

Last year, our country strengthened its position as a global player in the field of pharmaceutical development and production by directly employing 35,250 employees in the sector (source:

The demand for experienced and trained people has never been greater. In September 2017, Advipro opened the doors to its "The GxP Academy", a unique, high-tech training facility with a completely operational clean room built in accordance with the international GMP standards. Here, new and existing Advipro employees can participate in a unique training opportunity which quickly readies them to be well-prepared members of our project teams.

Training by national and international experts

Advipro offers life science organisations, interbranch organisations and sector federations the opportunity to use the facilities and to provide a forum for national and international experts during training courses or networking events. And, upon your request, Advipro can organise benchmarks around specific GxP topics. Continuing education for your employees is another one of the options.

Spin-off support

Anywhere people come together, ideas and projects abound.

The GxP Academy opens up possibilities for all kinds of spin-off projects. Our clean room is available for materials' testing, for the performance of specific experiments and for the testing of new technologies.

The GxP Academy has event space for up to 50 people. The centre is modular and can be divided into 4 separate rooms + a 54m2 GMP clean room.

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