Urgent filter leakage test for shutdown

The coordinating Clean Room Engineer at one of our pharmaceutical clients was unexpectedly unable to continue working one month before the shutdown, during an extremely busy period. Filter leakage tests urgently needed to be run, but no back-up was available internally. Advipro was asked to further elaborate, implement and coordinate the original shutdown schedule. Our Supervisor of the Testing Department, Ward, explains how he brought this challenge to a successful conclusion.

“When it came to the shutdown activities, we had already been active on-site with this client for a few years under the supervision of the Clean Room Engineer. From the experiences of these other assignments, we already knew the company and the way they work. We were familiar with the people there and knew what had to be tested in which areas. That played in to our hands.

A first schedule for the shutdown had already been formulated. This was a nice foundation. We investigated which problems could potentially arise during the execution of this planning and coordinated with various other parties who were tasked with bringing the practical aspects of this planning to a good end.

In addition, we prepared the practical aspects of the tests: Which areas were to be tested, where were the various air handling units and where were their controls? What did we need, what did we have to consider in the area of safety and what other necessities needed to be ordered? We made a detailed list and worked systematically: These tasks had already been completed, these had been prepared, these were still outstanding.

When the Clean Room Engineer came back to work part-time after a few weeks, we continued to work together to complete the shutdown tasks until our help was no longer needed.”

Ward: “I thought it was a challenging project. I was pulled out of my comfort zone and had to evaluate how to best handle matters at hand in a new environment and how to communicate this. After a while, you know the people and you know who to go to to arrange things. The time pressure was very high; the starting date had already been set. I was left with a feeling of great satisfaction to have brought this project to a successful end.”

Our client was also satisfied and awarded the intervention by Ward and his team an impressive 4.8/5! First-rate work…