Advipro supports school in Tanzania

At the beginning of July, our colleague Nathalie Cuypers (Qualification Engineer) took off for two weeks to the Baraa Primary School in Tanzania. There, she worked as a volunteer. We also chipped in.

Volunteering had been on Nathalie's bucket list for quite some time. Thanks to a friend who had volunteered two years ago via ithemba, a Belgian non-profit, at the Baraa Primary School in Arusha, her dream became reality.

“We didn't know ahead of time exactly what we were going to do. In the end, we mostly tutored pre-schoolers, which meant that we had to study a bit of Swahili. We knocked together our lesson materials and supported the Physical Education teacher. Because I play volleyball myself, I also gave volleyball lessons to the older students. I was only in Tanzania for short time, yet helping in the school gave me a great feeling of satisfaction. You can see that all the help they receive is welcome, and then when you can contribute meaningfully, the people are very grateful. For me, it was a challenge to make the transition from life here to life there. There are so many cultural differences, which made the entire trip an extremely enriching experience.”

Advipro contributes to improvements to the computer class

Advipro is participating in the Global Challenge (a step race). “We wanted to link a charitable cause to this challenge,” explains Peter Scheyltjens. “The choice of the Baraa Primary School was quickly made once we learned that Nathalie was going there as a volunteer. We will make a donation, depending on the number of steps that our teams will have taken within the context of their participation in the Global Challenge. The money will be spent via ithemba on improvements to the computer class.”