History of Advipro in a nutshell.

In 2018 Advipro celebrates its 15th birthday. Our focus lies on project support in the (bio) pharmaceutical, medical and high-tech industries.


Advipro is founded and the first years steadily expands its services for Project Support and Consulting.

Expansion of services

From 2010 we invest in a specialized Testing Department. We offer complete solutions for measuring and monitoring of controlled environments.

Move to Zandhoven

Because of the growth in the Testing Department, in January 2012 we move our base form the business center in Herentals to an office in Zandhoven.

Move to Lille

Due to continuous growth, on 17 July 2015 we move to own property in Lille. Here we have a large lab for the Testing Department.

Second base of operations close to Puurs

In June 2017 we sign the rental contract for a new base in Willebroek. So we are closer to our employees and customers in the region Puurs and Brussels.

Training centre with clean room

We open a training and education centre with a private, working cleanroom so we can train our people, but also employees of customers, even better.

An A-team that excels in knowledge and solidarity

The A-team. To us, it means much more than that good old TV series from the '80s. Although there are some similarities: our team also consists of motivated professionals with solid backgrounds in engineering and the sciences. No challenge from our clients is too great for them. “If you have no one to turn to, call the A-team…”

Our people are given the opportunity to excel in their disciplines, from starter to expert. We are proud of our team. We actively recruit talent and invest in training, in a professional environment and in keeping home-work travel time to a minimum. We pay attention to the whole person behind each employee, and we invest in activities that stimulate the team spirit. We are The A-team, and we like to show it.

High-quality work valued by our clients

We mobilize all our expertise for our clients. And, as a result, they consider Advipro the ideal partner. We enjoy a customer satisfaction level of >4/5, and we are proud of it. In our profession, high-quality and expert work are self-evident. Of course, they also form the foundation of all our activities. We also aim for continuous improvement, not only for our clients but also when it comes to our internal operations.

Safety, health and the environment

Most of our projects are in the so-called GxP-related industries, and therefore we work primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. Obviously safety is always is the back of our mind. Product and patient safety are important, but so are the health and safety of our people, their immediate surroundings and the greater environment.

One team, one spirit

At Advipro we work together, we keep each other sharp, and we inspire one another. Not only do we excel in knowledge and expertise but also in team spirit…